Meet the Owner of formula tV

FormulaTV owner David Kezerashvili


Our goal is to facilitate Georgians’ access to unbiased information, news, and other top-quality media content. FormulaTV will uphold the highest standards of free and impartial journalism.

Formula TV is the network that provides the people of Georgia with truly independent journalism. Making sure that every citizen has access to information about all the important events internal and international events is the reason I became part of this network.

I will argue that if it weren’t for Formula TV today, Georgians would have had to rely more on international media to learn about what was going on in their country. That is not to say that the government has actively sought to restrict freedom of expression, but history speaks for itself.

David Kezerashvili

Fomula TV’s Cornerstones in David Kezerashvili’s Vision 

1. Supporting Independent Journalism

I strongly believe that you can’t talk about democracy without independent journalism. And since Georgia is on a clear path towards democracy after its tumultuous past, it’s vital that citizens get access to unbiased information. In times when it’s so easy to spread fake news and distort reality, true journalism is the only way. 

Hiring top journalists that worked at Rustavi 2 before its closure is one example of how Formula TV does its bit. Also, I want to clarify that all journalists who want to practice their profession freely and impartially are always welcome at Formula TV. Together we will manage to offer Georgians the free press they deserve. 

2. Increase the Public’s Trust in Media through Transparency 

Since over 72% of Georgians get their information from television, it’s vital that we make sure such a large part of the population receives unaltered information. Also, even if the percentage is very high, people’s trust in media is dropping. The low number of independent networks, combined with incidents like the one involving Rustavi 2, are likely causes. It’s no wonder that Georgia only ranks 60 in the World Press Freedom Index. Through Formula TV, we aim to regain the public’s trust, and the key to achieving that is transparency. Everything is out in the open, nobody holds supreme power, and the truth is the only thing that matters. 

Furthermore,  we are working closely with US and European partners to guarantee editorial independence. I formed a solid supervisory board to ensure the content on our network is always impartial and unaltered. I can only hope that more networks like Formula TV will emerge in the near future. It’s the only way to restore trust, deliver top-quality media, and gain some position in the World Press Freedom Index. 

3. Contributing to Georgia’s Democratic Process

It’s not a coincidence that the first cornerstone focuses on democracy. Georgians made their voice heard several times concerning the democratic path they want for the country. I think it’s crucial that media networks do their bit as well and continue to allow civil society to make its voice heard. Youth activism generated many positive changes in Georgia, and we all need to make sure biased media doesn’t dilute this amazing thirst for democracy. History gives us numerous examples of how society and the new generations can bring substantial changes, even after long periods of censorship. 

The only way to make sure we don’t repeat the mistakes in our past is to guarantee easy access to impartial information for all Georgians. It’s essential that the new generation can learn from past and present events in an unbiased manner. And that’s why Formula TV’s role is so important for the overall democratic process. 

A Word From FormulaTV

When David Kezerashvili became the largest shareholder of Formula TV in 2019, he brought an extended skillset. The law and international relations degree, combined with the experience gathered working in the Justice Ministry make David the ideal leader of a new, independent Georgian media network. At Formula TV, he provides an excellent example of professionalism, leadership, and innovation. Furthermore, he involved partners from Europe and the US in strengthening the editorial independence of the channel. 

FormulaTV CEO