Real Estate

Cyprus – Israel – Georgia – Ukraine – New York

David Kezerashvili is active in global real estate investments with development projects across the globe with a focus on his native Georgia and historical restoration ventures in Ukraine.

“Venture Capitalists Help Companies Change The World For The Better”

Vake Plaza Lobby
Vake Plaza

Vake Plaza – a modern, multifunctional Business Center located in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

24,500 m2 office and conference space designed as a Museum to create a unique feeling, adjusted to people with mobility impairment and equipped with the latest technology. 

Entrepreneur & Investor

Media  – Real Estate – FinTech – Commerce – Video Technology – Cyber Security 

Investing in start-up organizations through Infinity VC has shown me a glimpse of what I believe to be the future, where a new kind of relationship is defined between venture capital firms and the endeavors they support.” – David Kezerashvili

As a venture capitalist and angel investor, David is focused on helping further technologies related to finance and e-commerce. In addition to working with startups in fintech, David’s Infinityvc is looking to advance how we view video content and even adtech.

David is truly a renaissance investor, looking to improve the world through new investment in oft overlooked places.

New Partners

David Kezerashvili is always seeking new opportunities for partnership and investment throughout the world. Investors seeking to partner with David or his related businesses are invited to contact us with details.

As one can see from David’s wide portfolio of investments, he is open to ideas that can help further the goals of improving people’s lives through technological advancement or physical investment.

Don’t hesitate to contact David and his team with your unique opportunity.